25 September 2008

What's in Your Hoose? Part 2

Lol! Okay, I really like this. It's a spoon holder I got from my dad one Halloween. He sends me Halloween care packages sometimes (since I can't get my mello creme pumpkins here!!), and one year, this is what he sent. If you can't read the writing, it says 'Eye of Newt & Toe of Frog, Wool of Bat & Tongue of Dog.' Ewwwww, actually. A note accompanied it, saying 'For my cook spook.' So, this is placed next to my stovetop. :)

Emily, this can go on for yeeeeeeeeerzzzzzz!!


Okay, I decided to add to this post as my single object picture just didn't seem fair. So! Here's a wee corner of the entertainment system cabinet in the livingroom:

The flowers I received from my sister Sara after my wee stint in the hospital. I love Native American pottery, and these are two examples I've managed to bring back in my luggage. The wedding vase was bought while visiting Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas, and the wee jug was bought while visiting my sis and her family when they lived in Oklahoma. The flowers are changed every 2-3 weeks, depending how long they last. I love fresh flowers!


EmeliaRo said...
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EmeliaRo said...

we are SOOOOO graddin this out. Before you know it we'll be trying to one-up each other by how tiny and miniscule we can get "Here's a pic of a speck on the wall in the corner of my closet!"... "Oh YA, well, here's where the seal is peeling up a bit from around the bottom of my tub!" hahaha. We laugh now... :)

EmeliaRo said...

oops... I meant "draggin" not "graddin" :)

EmeliaRo said...

I LOOOVE fresh flowers too! I'll have to post a pic of the roses my hubby gave me for my bday!

~nikki said...

That is a coveted spoon dish. When I first saw that next to the stove, it was confirmed to me we were truly kindred sisters. :)