18 September 2008

What's in Your Hoose? Part 1

So my friend Emily thought it would be fun to post random bits from our houses, or elsewhere, once a week to blog aboot. This week, I picked my chair!! And ottoman :)

I love this chair. When I first saw it I knew I had to have it, and what, 2 years later? It's mine!! This pic was taken when we were still moving the furniture round our wee livingroom, so everything looks a bit close. The slouchy sofa in the background wants to say hi too. Anyway! I loved the look of the chair, but once I sat in it, it's fate was sealed. Because you see, it's also a rocking chair, so I knew right away this was the chair I'd be rocking my babies in, and the cushiony sides and armrests meant no sore arms! Memories of me rocking my siblings in my mom's old wooden rocking chair with a couch cushion under my elbow are looooooong gone.

Ahhhhhh. Of course Yooin's totally monopolizing it right now. Probably because I forced him to move his LaZBoy to his 'man room' - a future 'what's in your hoose?' subject!


EmeliaRo said...

I LOOOOVE that chair! All I have to rock my babies is an old, rickety, GENERIC, "bargain-basement" glider... and actually using the word "glider" is a bit of a stretch. That is one thing I lack in my home - a cozy spot (besides my bed) to plop down to read, hold my babies, or sip my Starbucks :) Perhaps that should be my next item to save up for! ...Did I ever mention that green is my very most favorite of all the colors in the whole wide world!? Well, it is. :)

~nikki said...

I cannot wait to seat my arse on this chair.

Rachel said...

Rad....soooo mid-century modern. Love it!