3 October 2008

September's The Place To Be!

Why?? Because there's so many cool people birthdays! Let's see, there's Nathan, Lewis, Nikki, Emily, Ty, and now my wee nephew Andrew, who just turned 7 on the tail end of the month. Here's a couple pics of him enjoying the day. Wow! Three wardrobe changes! I may not have had wardrobe changes on my birthday days, but once I tried to make my own scepter with my twirling baton. :drifts: I miss my twirling baton. I remember Sara and I madly twirling them in 'showdowns', and ending up whacking our elbows or shoulders. Hee! :D

Okay! Now for a very serious subject indeed. Cake. Take a look at the chocolatey, sprinkly goodness above. Cake in all forms is gooooood. However, my favourite is the classic sheetcake. The kind you make in your grandma's battered old 9x13 pan she's had for 50 years. After it's done, you turn it out to cool, and while you wait you make a HUGE bowl of frosting. The kind made of butter (or Crisco), powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla extract. And whatever food colouring. So the cake's cool, and you totally slather the frosting on the top and sides, real thick, maybe a couple of inches?? But the BEST, the ULTIMATE fav part of a sheet cake, are the frosting roses piled on one or two corners, and the scalloped edges.

The coveted corner, with even more coveted blue roses.

Now, whenever I went to childhood parties or when my siblings had their birthdays, I positively willed that I would get the rose-encrusted corner. Pined for it. For to me, nothing was more important on that day than gobs of frosting. But whatevs, I NEVER got a corner!! Well, maybe a corner without the roses, but usually I got one of the boring, thinly spread middle squares of cake. Booooring. However, I never lost hope that one day I would indeed be the recipient of not only a mound of frosting roses, but a few huge scoops of ice cream as well. Don't scrimp on the ice cream! Yes, I am a wee piggy :)

PS - I know I'm missing my Thurday post Emily! It's coming right up!


Nathan said...

Yeah, funny thing... guess why I haven't sent pictures of of my party?

Also, it was Ty's as well. Happy birthday to everyone indeed! I guess there's only one thing to do in those dark cold winter nights...

EmeliaRo said...

Don't feel bad about your Thursday post - I'm just thrilled to hear that I share my birthday month with so many people you love! Ah, to be counted among them... :)

Agents D, S, JD, JT, M, A, JB said...

Now I know what to send you for your birthday!!! Lemme splain about the wardrobe changes:)--we celebrate birthdays over several days here. One pic's of the party w/ friends, one is of the party w/ family, and one is of the actual day when he got to open his present from the family. Party hearty is my motto.