6 September 2008

Things I miss.....

  1. Friday the 13th: The Series - This show was chock full of cheese and hilariously overacted but it was just the right amount of scary for a 14 yr old. More importantly, I wanted to look just like Robey when I grew up. Have you seen her 'One Night in Bangkok' video? Pure class.

  2. Walking along a beach and collecting shells. Me and a wee bucket, walking along barefoot, sand squishing between my toes, the sea lapping at my heels, and the cool, salty air blowing through my hair.

  3. Mexico.

  4. Thunder and lightning storms. When I visited Sara and co in Oklahoma there were cloud formations so fantastic with colour and shots of silver lightning they looked celestial.

  5. Eucalytpus trees. When I lived in Encinitas I would take walks at twilight. The streets of our neighborhood were lined with eucalyptus trees and the air became heavily scented with them in the cool evening breeze.

  6. Trick-or-treating. Being so gol durn excited to get to the next house you'd fall off the stairs while running up them and the homeowner would look disapprovingly while shaking their head but it didn't matter because you were gonna get MORE CANDY.

  7. While visiting my Grandma Turner as she served a mission in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we visited a huuuuuge warehouse-big southwestern store (well at the time it seemed big). Us kids were told we could pick one thing to buy, and I chose the most beautiful, smooth, turquoise blue nugget to take home with me. It was the perfect size for my palm, oval and glorious; I loved it. I still miss it.

  8. Pinatas. Whilst living in El Centro as a wee urchin I was routinely invited to neighbourhood (and beyond) kids' birthday parties, and I'd say 85% of them featured pinatas. I'd always manage to peek a wee bit beneath the blindfold so I could give the pinata a good whack and get at the CANDY (you'd think I was deprived!). It was fun, colourful, festive, and utterly enjoyable for me as a youngin'.

  9. Homemade bread. Again, as a youngin' in El Centro, it was a major event when my mom made bread. She'd make several loaves at a time and would give Sara and I a small portion of dough to make our own creations with. When those loaves came out of the oven......... I knew bliss. We'd be itching for mom to cut slices RIGHT THEN but it was always better to wait a wee while because the bread would slice neater and wouldn't burn our hands. We'd spread our slice with good butter, sometimes honey, and devour it with abandon.

  10. My white poet/pirate blouse I used to wear all the time as a junior and senior in HS. It was my favourite! I wore it everywhere. Also, I miss my pointy black flats I found in a dollor bin at one of my favourite second-hand shops in Encinitas......but they met an unfortunate end during one of the parties my roommate in Utah gave while I was at work :grrrrrrrrr:

  11. My Grandma Turner. Especially when I was feeling down, I'd call her and she'd always say 'I was just thinking about you! Tell me all about it honey.' She always had a 6th sense about me :)

  12. Going to the library in Encinitas. It sits atop a hill, with fantastic views over the ocean, and it's so serene and peaceful outside. I'd check a book out, go outside, find an empty bench, and while away the hours.

  13. Stretchy, yummy flour tortillas straight from a tortilla factory.

  14. Falling asleep under the Christmas tree with the twinkling lights gently flashing their colours on my face while I sleep.

I'm sure I'll add to this! But for now.......


Nathan said...

Ah, Encinitas... I will end up back there someday!

EmeliaRo said...

I miss pictures of you :)