15 September 2008

I found it!!!!

In continuation to yesterday's post, I have found myyyyyy dreeeeeeem Gunnie's! Well, my actual Gunnie's dream dress looks like Sleeping Beauty's dress (the BLUE one!), but this will do! I love it.


Okay, so the pic isn't the best, and it looks a wee bit tired, but I'm sure after a trip to the drycleaner's it'll look sparkling. Woohoo! Now I just need to find some garden party to wander about aimlessly at, looking off into the distance while calling out for an Emily Bronte hero or something.

All these Gunnie's dresses evokes memories of my mom's sewing. She was an AMAZING seamstress. She could make anything. She made me and Sara's 8th grade graduation dresses and all our school dance dresses, and they looked better than anything store-bought. Sara's 8th grade graduation dress had ruffles, pleats, pinktucks.....I can't imagine how long it would've take mom to finish it, but the end result was stunning and Sara looked SO cute!! I really wish I still had the two frocks my mom made for me now.

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