31 October 2008

What's in Your Hoose? Part 6

Happy Halloween!!

I'm sitting here watching a scary movie, since it's, you know, Halloween, and I thought taking a pic of the entertainment unit with the movie playing would be good. Or something. So! This is the entertainment unit!! It was handmade by a fellow who works out of a wee workshop - he takes ages to finish but when he does......magnifico! Behind those doors lies a plethora (thank you El Guapo) of whirring and clicking electronics so intricately installed I dare not touch anything. As long as it wuuuurks.

To the right is a fabulous ceramic sculpture of the Sir Walter Scott Monument in Edinburgh by Glasgow ceramicist, Noel McKenna. Quote: “I like to take the image of the familiar ‘static’ building and distort it until it’s twisting and moving in space, almost as if it’s ‘growing’ up from a central point." I've been after one of his sculptures for ages!! I first saw his work a couple of years ago displayed in a shop in Edinburgh, and when I went back everything was gone and I found that was practically the only shop his work was sold in. I kept in touch with the shop for months and months, and finally they received more stock. Yooin and I rushed over and snatched this one up. Now it's my 'preeeeeeciousssssssss'.


Agents D, S, JD, JT, M, A, JB said...

Coool sculpture!

~nikki said...

I do love that sculpture. You have marvelous taste my dear! Love the gorgeous entertainment center, too! I just want to plop myself down in your green chair and watch some hot fuzz again - LOL

Rachel said...

I loooooooove these shots of your home. This is my first time seeing it! Keep it coming.