16 July 2008

Teenage Kicks!

Since I just returned from visiting my beloved Encinitas, I was especially grooved to remember I had these pictures from a trip to the Del Mar Fair and the Botanical Gardens in Encinitas with one of my closest friends, Natasha, her sister Jules, and Jules' friend Andy. The above pic of me in Natasha's VW bug with the 'Encinitas Blvd' sign above me is particularly poignant, as Encintas Blvd leads to the street that changed my life so many years ago, Coast Hwy 101. It's a bit yuppified now, but I'll always remember Off the Record, Lou's Record's on the corner, and the tiny cafe I used to buy a slice of pecan pie at. I mourn the passing of time lol! I also threw in some of my fav pics as a youngin'.


Nathan said...

Ah yes... Encinitas -- the town by which I measure all others. And all others are found wanting. Too bad it is incredibly out of my league at the moment.

I shall return!

Sara said...

Such a cutie!

~nikki said...

Heelarious pics my dear! Love 'em!