10 April 2008

New Amusements

So for a few years now I've been bugging Yooin to find and indulge in a hobby, a little something to break up his self-imposed workaholic days. Maybe a bit of golf for a few hours a week, some paintball even......perhaps mountain biking? But nooooooo, instead, perhaps inspired by the recent trend of Russian billionaires buying professional British football teams, he stormed onto the local Rosyth football team committee and took charge. Half the committee members were let go, some footie players were sold, others bought, new programs rustled up, new positions ladled out, and new sponsors found. All this from the fella who 'didn't want to get involved, just wanted to have a say'. Yeah right!!

Anyway, he's having an absolute ball (heh heh). He attends the committee meeting every week in the local pub (how convenient) or the footie grounds, and goes to every game. In between he answers calls from those who want to get involved, puts flyers up everywhere, updates the team webpage, and designs the programs.

Here's a pic of the team:

Hmmmm, maybe I should start attending games.

They even have Romanian supporters!! They've gone global! :D

Yooin even went and bought a scarf in the team colours, black and red. Awwwwww. I'll post a pic of him before he goes to the next game. Be prepared for one proud papa!

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nikki said...

So now you need to put a link to his team website on your blog!

How FOON!!!! (am I sounding like you yet?)