19 March 2008

Peculiarities and Oddities

So I decided to list a few of my more (not so) interesting traits.

1. I keep a dimly lit house. In a sense this is done for me naturally since I live in a misty, rainy country, but I certainly don't help the situation by not turning the lights on. If I do turn on any lights it's usually a table lamp with low wattage bulbs. Often Yooin will come home and have to turn on a few overheads. So much for providing him with a warm and sunny home, cuz I turn the heating off too! (wear a sweater!!!)

2. I watch the clothes in my washing machine. True! I have a front-loading machine, and after I turn it on, I crouch down for a few minutes (I might be a bit conservative with the length of time here) and watch the detergent dispense and clothes revolve, making sure everything's getting soaked and soaped adequately. Odd.

3. I can be a bit blissfully ignorant at times. For example, for years and years I thought the Dolly Parton movie 'The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas' was 'The Best Little WAREHOUSE in Texas'. Also, in highschool I used to have a poster on my wall with Robert Smith and Siouxsie Sioux on it. My mom once exclaimed that the illustation on Siouxsie's shirt was that of a devil. I thought it was a clown! Oh and when Dave Gahan was singing about how clean he was in the early 90's, I had no idea he meant clean and sober - I always wondered why he was singing about being fresh from the shower.

4. When I sleep ALL appendages have to be on the bed, under my blanket, or else scary beasties may get me. I have actually been known to jump onto the bed from a few feet away just in case, especially if I've just watched a particularly creepy movie. Sometimes I'll take extra precautions, like watching 'Cops' or 'Scrubs' after the movie for a wee bit to help calm the nerves too.

5. Food peculiarities. If I am to eat cheese on it's own, it must be mild cheddar, and sliced paper thin. No butter on sandwiches; on bread on it's own it must be spread thinly. No mayo on sandwiches. No raisins in anything. Fat must be removed from all meat. I will NOT eat oatmeal unless it's in cookies and oatcakes. And don't get me started on eggs.....

6. I have freakishly small hands and feet. Not crazy freakish, but still small enough. Which actually works in my favour during shoe sales because usually my size is still available.

7. I love buying makeup but hardly ever wear it. I especially love 'gift with purchase' deals and gift sets. My favourite purchase in all the world was back in the winter of 1991, when I roomed with a gal in Provo who was very glamourous, taking a few hours each day to get ready. Under her tutorship, I think I looked my best ever, and makeup was naturally a part of that. She was a big Elizabeth Taylor fan, and over the holidays, I bought this enormous tray of 'Poison' perfume-inspired purple and jewel-shaded lipsticks, eyeshadows, and other bits and bobs. Makeup heaven for me, even if the most I did was look at it.

I am sure I will add more to this list as time goes on......although maybe I shouldn't.


~Nikki said...

You simply MUST add to this list. I LOVE IT! You're gonna have to ditch the word verification - it serves no other purpose but to be annoying :)

Becky said...

Done! :D

~Nikki said...

LIBERATION!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

~Nikki said...

Wahoo!! YOU ADDED!!

When you arrive, we are doing MAKEOVERS GALORE for our nights out! :) And we shan't eat a single raisin, or globs of cheese and butter. It's all coming back to me now!!!

Sara said...

I just spent $45 at the Avon store this morning. For EYE FIRMING CREAM!! (and other stuff, too:)) I think I share that makeup thing!

EmeliaRo said...

I can attest to the "freakishly small hands" part... though perhaps you should use the term "dainty" :)